Felix with his five children, L-R Ricardo, Ana, Ernesto, Julian and Felix G.

Felix D. Arroyo made history when he was elected the Suffolk County Register of Probate.  Felix is the first person of color to ever serve as a Register of Probate in all of Massachusetts and the first Latino ever elected to a county wide position in Massachusetts.  Felix is no stranger to making history and breaking barriers as he is also the first Latino to serve on the Boston School Committee and the first Latino to elected to the Boston City Council.

Felix moved to Boston, from Puerto Rico, with his young family in 1976 to attend Harvard University and after finishing his studies decided to stay.  Whether it was as the Executive Director of various community based organizations or as an elected official, Felix has dedicated his life to fighting for justice and equity.  That dedication is evident in his work at the Registry.

The majority of residents that use the Registry are people of color and many speak English as a second language. However, before Felix was elected, the Registry staff was far from diverse.  Only about 20% of the staff was people of color, there was no second language speakers and of the nine employees that had a supervisory function, only one was a person of color.

Felix with his son Ricardo and Congresswoman Pressley

Felix has tackled this head on and in just one term in office Felix has been able to make the Registry the most diverse it has ever been and the most diverse Registry of Probate in the history of Massachusetts.  Currently the office can speak English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole and Cape Verdian Creole.  Additionally, the staff is 65% people of color and of the nine employees that have supervisory positions, eight are people of color and eight are women.

Felix has also focused on improving access to the Registry and the services it provides.  1) There is a translation line at the office so that constituents can speak in whichever language they are most comfortable in, 2) there is a lawyer of the day program that provides free legal advice to those who cannot afford a family law lawyer, and 3) Felix regularly attends community events, senior centers and schools to inform the public of the services available to them.

Felix with his wife, Grisel

Felix D. Arroyo is a proud husband, father of five and grandfather of six.  He has been a steadfast champion for all of the families in Suffolk County and has been honored to serve as your Register of Probate and Family Court.